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The Science is in

Our personal trainers utilizes the safest, most efficient way to stimulate the formation of lean muscle is lifting weights in a high intensity manner. Under this program, in less than 20 minutes a week, a personal trainer can help you to safely achieve the complete muscle fatigue that - when combined with sufficient nutrition and rest – increases strength, burns fat and improves cardiovascular health.

Intense, deliberately slow, controlled repetitions are the keys to success. Because this regimen is physically demanding, most people can only endure 15 to 17 minutes. And because slow movements reduce force, this program is actually proven to minimize injury associated with weightlifting. We help you to focus on correct body movements to reduce momentum and recruit more muscle fibers. Proper breathing technique and strict adherence to form is essential for safe efficient exercise.

After designing a program tailored to your specific condition and goals, your Supreme Exercise personal trainer will work to ensure that you maintain the deep concentration and focus necessary to maintain both the correct form and required intensity for optimum results. The program has been proven to safely produce greater results in less time over a six-month period than traditional weight training.

The regimen we design for you will consist of five to six different exercises. By teaching you to perform each exercise precisely, and carefully matching your muscle and joint function to effective exercises, you will build lean muscle more efficiently and effectively than you ever thought possible.

Resting between weekly sessions is extremely critical. The average person requires five to seven days to recover. During this time, the body repairs itself by building strong, lean muscle. After the completion of one properly performed set dedicated to each muscle group (less than 20 minutes total), you will have achieved a total-body workout for the week. While exercise requirements vary between "clients," for most individuals, one session per week is all that is necessary.

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