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STRENGTH TRAINING is a much more efficient way to burn calories than typical cardio exercise

That’s because when you increase your lean muscle mass your metabolism speeds up and you burn more calories—even as you sit on the couch. Cardio exercises like cycling and running do burn some calories, but they build almost no muscle. For increased strength, enhanced flexibility and the most efficient loss of body fat: you must build muscle with high intensity strength training.

To complicate matters, the average person loses about a half-pound of lean muscle per year. Over time, this loss of muscle mass can result in health problems. Simply lifting weights is not enough to reverse this dangerous trend. To gain true muscle-mass, the weightlifting regimen must be intense.

Supreme Exercise's approach builds lean muscle more quickly, and it is safer and more efficient than other weight loss solutions. In addition to experiencing greater reductions in body fat, our clients also enjoy marked improvements in: strength and endurance • flexibility and balance • cardiovascular efficiency • HDL (good cholesterol) • muscle tone and appearance • immune system • metabolism • bone density • glucose tolerance • blood pressure • resistance to injury, back pain and arthritis pain.


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