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through Strength Training

"Not only is Hiroshi an excellent trainer, he's a great encourager and a wonderful friend - which I find to be my biggest motivation."

"I have been working with Hiroshi for the past 9 years and have enjoyed the professional approach Hiroshi takes with each of his clients. I have seen impressive improvements in my own physique with modest time requirements. I truly appreciate the intensity of the Supreme Exercise techniques he uses and have not burned out after 9 years."

"I always look forward to my sessions with Hiroshi. He not only keeps you on task but he makes working out fun. I have been one of Hiroshi's clients for several years and know he is the best in his field. He takes interest in his clients and their needs and then puts you to task. I would and do recommend him to anyone looking for this specific type of physical fitness."

"I always had a problem finding the time and achieving visible results with exercise. It was hard for me to stick with something when I became bored and never achieved the desired results. I would join a gym like everyone else and stick with if for a while and feel like I wasted my money. Once I started going to Hiroshi, he introduced me to the Supreme Exercise method of weight training and helped me understand the balance between exercise and a lifestyle change, not endless dieting. That muscle burns fat and increases metabolism. I have been an avid client for over 10 years and feel like something is missing if I skip my weekly workout session. I not only lost weight and managed to keep it off for years but improved my posture and overall wellbeing. "

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